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 Shaytals Useful Links and Information Guide

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PostSubject: Shaytals Useful Links and Information Guide   Shaytals Useful Links and Information Guide I_icon_minitimeFri May 21, 2010 6:04 pm

Hi Members,

I have noticed a few players struggling with certain things in the game, like earning credits and locating information, this is my list of links, with lots of useful things that might not be obvious to everyone, i learned by experience, not everyone has to learn all of their lessons, a lot of moments where I have been like, doh, i wish I knew that then...

First tool that I could not live without... Download it, learn it, use it.

Clicksaver 3.0:

Now, this leads me to associated information, mainly, WTF do i roll missions for, well credits... items to sell...

And, helpful information about the slider settings....

Next, What if i want something, but either can't afford it or it's not in a shop... Can i roll it in a mission?


Now, Implants are a bitch, especially your first set of 125-130s...

I use faithfully these programs, they are made to link together and help each other. Please try out Implant Helper, it has been priceless to me..

Also, for lower level implants and help getting them on, what buffs are useful for getting implants on...

Okay, now, lets say you hear about a cool item, but you want to know more about them.... or you need to know what Nanos you should be using, it has a section about profession specific nanos, lets you see in a matrix, which nano you could use with your skills...

Another valuable website for obtaining massive amounts of information about dungeons and quests, and walkthroughs about how to obtain or tradeskill items... please go here, and look though all the things you might be missing out on...

another valuable site is the wiki at

That is all i have for right now, but i'm sure i'll add to this post...

I use all of these websites and programs on a daily basis, These are the tools i use to get through my adventures on Rubika.

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Shaytals Useful Links and Information Guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shaytals Useful Links and Information Guide   Shaytals Useful Links and Information Guide I_icon_minitimeFri May 28, 2010 12:06 pm

3/4 of thes links i already knew
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Shaytals Useful Links and Information Guide
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