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 Links to make your life easier on Rubi-ka

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PostSubject: Links to make your life easier on Rubi-ka   Sat Mar 14, 2009 2:51 pm

Auno - This site can help you figure out which items you want, how you want your character setup, and a list of all the nanos. Very helpful for anyone that might be missing something. Also has a very nice Implant design program to make an implant of your needs.

Kimi's Anarchy Online Resources - Kimi's Anarchy Online Resources has a list of items that people post on the shopping channels. A very good site if your looking to buy a rare item, and just no one is around to sell you one. Also a very nice site for froobs since they have no access to GMS. It also has other resources and links to programs that can be very helpful, like Clicksaver.

Anarchy Online Universe - Anarchy Online Universe has all the information you need about Quests and other unique things to do on Rubi-ka/Shadowlands/Lox. It has a great resource of other helpful information also.

Tir School - This is a good tradeskill site, has a lot of different things to help you tradeskill those special items that you just can't get anywhere else

Anarchy Online Item Assistant - Anarchy Online Item Assistant is a program used to help solve issues when you can't find an item. It is a personal item database to keep track of all your items, what sold in player shops, pattern matcher, bio material identifier, and much more. You must open each backpack for it to register all your items. It is one of those programs that when you use it, you don't know how you got along without it. More on this program here:

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PostSubject: RDB error while patching   Mon Jul 27, 2009 6:33 am

This is one of the useful links you could use in case of probs with patching: RDB errors.

PS. Well, maybe some occasional guest will visit our site and that link will help at least him (if our members don't want to pay a visit to site) pig
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PostSubject: nice   Mon May 24, 2010 4:08 am

i just bookmarked all of them

ty shay
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PostSubject: Re: Links to make your life easier on Rubi-ka   Mon May 24, 2010 5:10 am

rummy wrote:
i just bookmarked all of them

ty shay

joining to rummy: thanks for the links, Shay
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PostSubject: Re: Links to make your life easier on Rubi-ka   Sun Nov 14, 2010 5:52 am

I know it's late but here's some more:

aofroobs- A good set of resources for the free player. Also great if you want a second opinion on something, or want a different guide for lower levels.

xyphos- Another database site similar to auno.

aggdefcalc- an online calculator for figuring out your optimal agg/def setting.

atlas of rubi-ka- A site to download atlas of rubi-ka. Different maps for all three servers, and they include tower sites w/ levels, dyna spawns, fixer grid exits, dungeon maps, and more.

list of 3rd-party tools- 1. clicksaver - essential for rolling items and blitzing missions, but you already know that. 2. Nano Nanny - An outside program for creating implants. 3. AORC - Anarchy online relay chat. Allows you to see and participate in in-game chat without being in game. 4. AOIS - Anarchy online inventory system. Exports lists of your backpacks.
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PostSubject: Re: Links to make your life easier on Rubi-ka   

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Links to make your life easier on Rubi-ka
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