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 Shaytal's suggestions for New recruit froob friendly equipment

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PostSubject: Shaytal's suggestions for New recruit froob friendly equipment   Thu May 20, 2010 10:38 pm

Hi New Recruit,

I'm Shaytal, AKA Wodehed, AKA Zeddhari. I do alot of equipping of lower level characters, mostly froobs, as that is what I am. This is a list of helpful items and suggestions for basic equipment, until you get the hang of the game. Please ask me anything you want to know about this. Other orgmates will usually be helpful in helping you obtain and get outfitted with these items.

First thing everyone needs is more NCU space, it's where all of the buffs and such run to help you get equipment in and better skills...

I suggest around level 10, we get you outfitted with a 3slot ql30 belt, and ql41ish NCU memories, which Wodehed usually has in stock, for just the occasion. We can use some temporary Comp Lit implants, around ql 20, to help get the belt and memories loaded.

Somewhere after that, when your Comp Lit is higher, we can get you into a ql60 4slot belt, and ql70ish NCU memories... around level 20.

After you get into a nice belt. we move onto your implants, which can be confusing... very confusing, so most of the time we suggest you use your professions implants up until QL100. Various buffs are available to help you get into the right QL.

I like to then focus on Armor, everyone gets a set of Carbonum Armor, which ShayTal can tradeskill for you.

I don't like to suggest weapons, you can ask other orgmates or read the forums on what is best for your profession. I can suggest things for Engineers as I play them mostly.

The next step, before you hit level 41, someone, often ShayTal, will do a Steps of Madness run, to get you Neleb's Nano-master robe, the Dream Mesh Circuit 5slot belt, and often 2 fractured nightmare rings. These

items are NODROP. Which means we will warp you in and have you loot them, we can't get them for you, but we help you obtain them.

Neleb's Nano-master robe is the upgraded version of the robe Neleb drops, it buffs your Nano skills very good for a froob and stays valuable for a long time, Shay still wears one at lvl 134.

The dream mesh, is a 5 slot belt, that has a low Comp Lit requirement, so soon after lvl 41 we should be able to get you equiped with it.

The Fractured Nightmares are the upgraded rings, which buff +4 int/psy, which are useful for a point of trickledown or using better implants.

The next item, is the Collar Casero de la Cripta, a common drop from Crypt of Home, which unlike the previously mentioned items from Steps of Madness, so we will usually go get one for you, you can wear it, when your BioMet is 200, as it requires 470 biomet, with 140 BM from mochies, and 131 from a wrangle, you need 199 BM. It buffs the all important NCU, and other valuable things.

Now, you may have equipment, but you are broke, Start collecting these items early, as they are very valuable.

QL10 Concrete cushions, rollable as mission rewards from mish terminals.
QL22 OT-Windchaser M06 Quartz treatment rifles, also rollable.
QL44 Galahad Inc T70 Beyer, again rollable

For help with rolling missions, learn how to use Clicksaver, Google is your friend.

That is the basics for now, always have fun, and never team with ShayTal, unless you've insured recently, she will probably result in your untimely demise.

- ShayTal
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PostSubject: Re: Shaytal's suggestions for New recruit froob friendly equipment   Fri May 21, 2010 3:08 pm

Nice guide =)

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Shaytal's suggestions for New recruit froob friendly equipment
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