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 AO Break Points

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PostSubject: AO Break Points   AO Break Points I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 08, 2019 4:08 pm

Below is a quick calculator for determining break points of an item. It is fairly easy to use. Not the most user friendly but it gets the job done. To use it you must first determine the lowest QL and the highest QL and the mod value at those QLs. For example you want the break points of a SL ring for abilities. The lowest QL is 1. The highest QL is 400. The mod of a QL 1 ring is 1. The mod of a QL 400 ring is 7.

This will quickly calculate each value and display the QL and its value. Each time a value jumps it'll highlight it green. It is a rough draft and not sure if I'm going to update it but it should theoretically work on any item in game for any mod (even ACs and such). For negative values I would use only positive numbers. You need some form of excel or a worksheet to be able to use it.
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AO Break Point Calculator
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AO Break Points
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