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PostSubject: Recruiter List   Recruiter List I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 23, 2015 1:30 am

This will be the list of active recruiters for CA. I need each recruiter to follow the recruitment rules. You may put in your own twist on things, whether it has to do with just talking with the player for a while, or if you want to team and see how the player does. But unless you see something that will damage the org, or its reputation, do not refuse their entrance. "Rumors" are not justifiable. But if you see first hand, or any other member in CA does, then that is beyond rumors and you may dismiss their initiation and deny them the pleasure of our company.

Note: If you wish to become a recruiter, please notify me on Jouma (or a character I am online at the time) or a general of the organization. Thank you!

Active Recruiters:
1. Mdk
2. Rayje

Recruiter List 2vjbivr
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Recruiter List
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