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 Rules and Regulations (In-Game)

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations (In-Game)   Rules and Regulations (In-Game) I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 14, 2009 3:15 pm

Note that by joining Crimson Assassins you hereby accept these terms and conditions!

Please follow all rules listed here. Infractions may be anywhere from a warning to removal of the organization, at the discretion of the leader or generals involved in the matter!

The following Rules are for In-Game:
1. Do not flame and/or abuse other players.

2. Do not Scam or try to deceive anyone, in or out of org. For example:
trying to say a very common item as in morphing memories are rare and they are worth a lot.

3. Unless you have the authority, do not kick anyone from the organization without the leaders consent (Unless it is very serious, and make sure to send the leader a reason why).

4. Do not spam anyone including others outside the organization, and try not to spam the org bot to much, as it may disrupt conversations or general usage.

5. Do not beg for money, although me and many others will gladly help around, begging for items/money is not the way to go, if you do need help, please ask us and we will help you as much as we can.

6. If you have the approved authority over any bot commands, do not change them. This will ultimately mess up my settings and I will have problems with the bot as its setup just the way I want it.

7. Do not attack tower fields without the Leaders or a superiors consent(All Generals and authorized Squad Commanders can make decisions to attack). This is because our tower fields WILL be open for attack once you do this, and will mess up the timer. Any intentional attacks on Clan towers will be an automatic kick from the organization, this is NOT tolerated (We do understand accidents happen, in this case seize the attack immediately!). If we do not have towers, you may attack freely against the opposition without consent!

8. Do not be inactive for to long, although i do not take inactivity to serious, I do kick if the account has not been on for 6 months or so. I do random checkups on accounts every now and then.

9. Do not exploit on the game WHAT-SO-EVER. If you do find a bug, please /petition and report it immediately.

10. No Omni alts are allowed unless specified and specific to a purpose.

11. Take care of the city. When you start a raid, make sure you finish it. If you die that is fine. Do not fill the City Controller over 50% at the end of the raid. Make sure that you enable the cloak also. If you don't have enough time, that is reasonable at times. Just don't make a habit out of leaving it down. In this case simply ask someone from the org that can enable it for you.

Updated: Monday, November 23, 2015 - 12:36 AM EST (GM -05:00)

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Rules and Regulations (In-Game)
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