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PostSubject: Welcome to the Crimson Assassin Forums   Welcome to the Crimson Assassin Forums I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 02, 2009 1:55 am

I would like to thank every member for taking the time to join this, the Crimson Assassin Forum.

Several years ago I was a Guild Master of a highly popular, respected, and active guild on a different MMO (Silkroad Online, If you've heard of it I appologize, If you haven't heard of it don't waste your time.) One of the things I did to help that Guild grow and become a tight knit family. I wish to see the same thing happen here with the Crimson Assassins. One person, however can not make that happen. It takes each and every member of Crimson Assassins to bring us to Greatness.

On that note, I want you all to feel like this website is your home away from AO. After you have had a look around the site, go ahead and kick off your shoes, get comfortable, and make this place YOURS. Post new threads, post replies, make suggestions, add new articles, help out with new ideas and suggestions, participate in this Forum. I'm not saying you need to check in everyday, but you might find something of interest. And remind your fellow Org mates to join if they haven't already. The more people that participate in the Forum, the more fun it becomes.

You might be asking, "Why have a Forums site for Crimson Assassins?". I have several very good reasons.

The leaders of Crimson Assassins want to schedule events and contests for you, the members, to promote a sense of community and to make being a Crimson Assassin fun. To do this we need as many members as we can get to participate in the Forum so we can pass that information to you in a time efficient manner.

The best way to pass information to our members is through an off AO Forum. We all live in different time zones across the globe, so we are not all on at the same times. If we want to schedule something and have members show up, the best way is through this site.

Our leaders and members have a lot of experience with this game. We have several leaders wanting and willing to pass that information on to you. As you browse through the different topics, you will notice we already have really good articles about Tower Wars and Twinking. If you want to know something about the game or if you know something you want to pass on then use the Forum and share what you have learned or learn from others.

One of the stark realities with MMO's and with trying to make a large active Org is that members occasionally "disappear", maybe for a few days, maybe for a few weeks, sometimes for months. The reasons for these absences are numerous and most of the time are no fault of the member, things come up. To keep an Org alive and active the Org leader must occasionally go through the members roster and delete members that have not logged on for some time. We have a Topic for that, Member Status, where you can let us know that you will be offline for a period of time. Using this will keep you from being "kicked" from the Org.

MMO's are by default a Social Game. We make friends in game, we make friends in the Org. This Forum is a way to continue and grow those friendships outside of the game. Please feel free to stop by the Members Topic and tell us all a little bit about yourself. Post a pic or two if you are brave enough. (Yashma did )
(but please keep the pics tasteful) We also have a Topic for non AO related discussions. Feel free to talk about anything here keeping in mind that We do have Forum and Org rules concerning what is "safe" to discuss. We are here to make friends, not make enemies, and especially not enemies with fellow Crimson Assassins.

Maybe you are looking for a piece of equipment that you just can't find on your own or on GMS, Or maybe you have some extra equipment that someone in the Org might be able to use, use our Shopping Topics and make a few creds while helping your Orgmates out.

There is so much this Forum can provide you, the members of Crimson Assassins, but we all need to participate to make it work.

Once again, I thank you for joining the Forum and being a True Crimson Assassin.

Ex-Administrator of Crimson Assassins
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Welcome to the Crimson Assassin Forums
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