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 MDK is back!

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MDK is back! Empty
PostSubject: MDK is back!   MDK is back! I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 06, 2015 10:48 am

Hey guys. I'm back in charge after some time away from the organization. I want everyone to know that I have been watching from a birds eye view of how the org has been since the day I left. I don't know if any of the people are still around that I randomly PMed and kept tabs with about the org, but I did spot checks and constantly kept myself updated with what was going on with the org.

It's been a while, and we had a lot of bad leadership. Mostly just inexperienced players that didn't know how to proactively keep the organization going. And then we had leadership that didn't know how to proactively start the org back up since it was left unmaintained for so long.

So everyones mind is set at ease, I founded CA. I brought it up from nothing, and maintained it for many years until passing it onto shaytal, who was a great successor by choice. After shaytal pass away, we had some very bad successor by no choice. I want everyone to know that I do know what I am doing, and if you have questions ask me. I'm the kind of leader that has nothing to hide and plenty to show for. We will be recruiting a lot. A lot of us, including almost all of the new players that have been joining so far, have been exceptionally helpful. This attitude gets passed on to players very quickly, creates a family atmosphere, and not only keeps players in CA, but also keeps players playing AO itself. Because if the game gets boring, people tend to quit. But playing is only half the fun.

Anyways, as everyone has seen, in the last 2 weeks things have changed dramatically. The alliance is gone due to technical reasons (Take a look here:, the org has grown quite astonishingly, we are going to be setting up events and hopefully taking some towers soon, and we are well on our way to being a well established organization once again.

What we need to do yet is get towers, setup events, recruit more, and help each other out getting the levels and equipment that we need so that we can keep progressing through the game. Keep getting to know each other. Many of us old timers in CA know each other so well that we have each others facebook, phone numbers... hell I've even met Rayje in person and we hung out for a bit while he was near where I lived. We really are like a second family.

If anyone has questions, send them to Jouma. He has logs of his tells so even if I don't respond back I will be able to see them eventually. I work a lot of hours at my job. But I still find a couple hours here and there a day to see how everyone is doing or to help out a bit. I'll see everyone in game! Take care!

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MDK is back!
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