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 Email between Me and Dream about the situation with the alliance bots.

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Email between Me and Dream about the situation with the alliance bots.  Empty
PostSubject: Email between Me and Dream about the situation with the alliance bots.    Email between Me and Dream about the situation with the alliance bots.  I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2015 9:37 pm


Aug 22 at 11:10 PM
Hey Dream. Bull gave me your email so I could talk to you more about what's going on with Crimson Assassins. Now that I'm back in charge, I will be running my own bot for the organization. What I wanted to do was set up a relay between my bot and your bots. Let me know what you need from me, and a time that would be best for you so we can keep the downtime to a minimum. I'm going to be setting up my bot tomorrow. Thanks in advance. Talk to you later.

Andrew _____
To 'Mdk00420'
Aug 23 at 10:38 AM


Sorry to hear the bot isn’t working out for you. Is there anything in particular that’s bugging you or you want implemented? As for the relay, it isn’t that simple as its embedded within the core of the bot itself; ie it’s not just an add-on that you could port over to another bot. Anyway, let me know if there is anything I can do to help such as implementing new modules etc..


Aug 23 at 11:12 AM
Your bot is using some of budabot's modules. I figure it is probably using a very similar relay. All in all, if they are unable to connect to each other, there was a second method of relaying and that was through tells. The bot is just a little outdated for my taste and I work on my own bots anyways. I rather have the control I need to really customize my own features. I will be switching to my bot sometime this week but I rather the relay not be cut off from the other orgs. I got my bot setup though. We can try to connect the relays. I know what you mean that your bots are connected in a way that uses the same database, however you should still be able to relay to any other bot at the same time.

Andrew ____
To 'Mdk00420'
Aug 23 at 11:36 AM

Hmmm ok …

“The bot is just a little outdated for my taste” – does this reflect the opinions of your members?

“Your bot is using some of budabot's modules” – it does not

“I know what you mean that your bots are connected in a way that uses the same database” – it does not

“however you should still be able to relay to any other bot at the same time” – it will not

Can I also kindly ask you to minimise spam please. Had a few complaints so far from members. Our ethos has always been a minimal spam policy that’s reflects the wishes and respects the member orgs. Thank you.

But as I say, if there are modules you’d like then I’d be happy to consider them for publishing to the live bots. If there are any that you’d like updating, also please let me know; I have a list of modules requiring updating at present, however I’ve been working on the new AOIA as of late.

Peace, Dream.


Aug 23 at 12:04 PM
I have heard complains from my members about several issues with the bot, this being one of them. I think it is just some of the formats used that makes it look like it is from budabot. Is this a bot you created yourself? Does it use PHP? Even if they are not directly from budabot, you converted them in a way that looks exactly the same with some of your modules. So I assume converting a relay is not out of the question.

I'm also surprised your not sharing a database. I don't know if that is possible with your bot or not. Just makes it easier to manage. Especially since no one has any control over the bot settings except you from what I can tell.

And anything is possible. It very well could relay at the same time. That shouldn't be an issue. Unless you created the core of your bot from scratch then you have a relay from every version of a bot around. Whether its based on Bebot, Budabot, or Vhabot. I understand the relay is not an add-on but it still has to do the same function as any other relay unless it's sharing a database. It's reading the data from somewhere and sending that data somewhere. It can't read if there's no messages going to and from each bot. Which way is the bot sending this information?

As far as spam goes, that is another issue that my org has had. We don't like having every discussion in and out of org being relayed to every other org. A trigger command is something I am executing right away when my bot comes online. Unfortunately since your end will still be open, we will still get the spam from other organizations. Sometimes its fine but there was an hour long conversation the other day that had nothing to do with us. So all it did was clutter up my members chat. I don't see the harm in a trigger command, or do what I'm going to be doing. I will have a simple on/off command that my organization can use. When we want to be heard and we are included in the conversation we can turn it on and all is normal. When it is off, the only way to send the chat through will be from typing @message and so forth. Eventually I want to modify the module so it can be on an individual level, but this is a good temporary fix until then.

I just don't understand how any of this is a problem with the relay. You can't tell me it can't be done. If you need time to make it work then fine. But I will be having my bot up and running soon. I understand your busy updating other modules and that's fine. But we won't be able to keep the chats relayed if this is something that is going to take a month or even logger.

As for the spam, as I mentioned before we've dealt with hours of conversation that has nothing pertaining to us. I had my bot up for 15 minutes to adjust some settings and to get it ready. If we had a trigger command none of this would've been a problem. The bot is down for now but I'm surprised it was even a considerable issue to them especially when I explained to them that it was only for a little bit to get my bot up and running and then the one guy said its fine then. No one else said anything. If there's an issue then by all means, put the trigger in so no one will hear it from us unless we want them too. If that's another thing your bot can't handle then it should be pretty clear why I am running my own bot from here on out.

Andrew _____
To 'Mdk00420'
Aug 23 at 2:04 PM

Hey again,

Yes it has been created from scratch. Modules are easily ported over to my format and functionality, as for the relay it is what it is. It’s your org man, I’ll take it down so you may proceed as you wish. Just let me know if anything changes.

Peace, Dream

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Email between Me and Dream about the situation with the alliance bots.
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