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 Recruitment tools (for recruiters)

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PostSubject: Recruitment tools (for recruiters)   Recruitment tools (for recruiters) I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 25, 2011 5:45 am

A guide for installing scripts can be found here:

How to install/use scripts

A recruiter must be at least a Unit Commander (must have permission to recruit), Squad commander (with three months history inside the organization) or higher.

There are NO requirements to joining the organization, everyone is given a first chance based on their appearance in public channels. This means they can ruin their chance of getting in if they are doing the following in public chats, private chat (with CA members ONLY. No previous org conflicts/private conflicts allowed to be used to deny them - Investigation could be presented!):

- Being significantly ignorant (A little bit of back talk is not going to deny them access)
- Cursing/Swearing with an intent to hurt a players feelings
- Disregarding or threatening to break in-game rules
- Threatening/Serious Harassment
- Any additional clear intent to harm someone in public or Crimson Assassins members in public/private.

You may interview, play with, help, or use any persuasion that does not defy the rules, to attempt to recruit the player.

Recruiters must obey the following engagement rules:

- No aggressive recruitment ad spam (Must wait 5 minutes before posting if an org has already spammed an ad/recruiting statement
- No spamming the recruitment ad (Must wait at least 15 minutes after a Crimson Assassin recruitment ad has been posted!)
- Minor editing of the script is allowed but under no circumstances should there be discriminating/degrading factors in it!
- Never spam an organizations' private channel with any kind of recruitment what-so-ever!
- Do not ask/require anyone to leave their current organization for the sake of joining ours unless they show signs that they may be looking for a new organization.
- Never pressure anyone into joining any organization. If they are seeking options please inform them of their options. That includes other possible organizations that may fit what they are seeking!
- Under no circumstances will there be any discrimination of any kind!
- Never pay a player to join any organization. (Helping with items, credits, twinking out of the kindness of your heart is allowed)
- Always act in a mature manner! (No flaring up or continuing to aggravate the player if they aren't interested in talking with you)
- Do not ninja invite anyone! (The player must have an interest in joining the organization before an invitation can be sent!)
- No in-game/organization rules may be broken in the process of recruiting!

Use this script when possible for more details about the organization:

For when the script displays a "Message too large for channel" error, this "safe mode" script should suffice: (Currently no safemode script is required - Please report if there are any errors with "Message too large for channel". Thank you

If you have any questions, please state them below in a new reply. Please don't make a new thread.

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Recruitment tools (for recruiters)
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