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 Things to blitz at Low Levels

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Things to blitz at Low Levels Empty
PostSubject: Things to blitz at Low Levels   Things to blitz at Low Levels I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2011 5:15 pm

CREDZ PLZ" you see it everyday a lowbie asking for creds, well in this guide Assassins and passerby I will show you a very useful blitzing list that will net you up to 1 mil for 2 items.

Levels 1-10
Second Hand Old English Trading Co. - Dual wieldable a pair of Quality Level 1-10 will are worth about 500k on the trade channel, add intelligence.

Tear Soaked Pillow With Important Stripes- Left hand only,add Matter Creation, Bio Metamorphosis, and Matter Metamorphosis worth about 250k to 750k depending on the Quality Level

Levels 10-15

This is where the fun begins.

Concrete Cushion- dual wieldable add strength and stamina Quality Level 10-12 is worth up to 750k if u get less then 500 you got ripped off.

OT-Windchaser M06 Quartz- A.K.A treatment rifle adds 10 treatment and 8 stamina comes in Quality Level 22-25 worth up to 500k but don't go under 250k rollable starting at level 15
Levels 15-30

Also keep a eye out for Sealed Weapon Receptacles especially the Soft Pepper Pistol

You can also roll the Meta-Physicist Mezz Pets that start at Quality Level 4 and go through 200 +
the ones rollable in the level range mentioned here are
Nano Crystal (Distracting Sphere)
Quality Level 11 I would not ask for more than150k for this one
Nano Crystal (Greater Distracting Sphere)
Quality Level 17 about 150k for this one also
Nano Crystal (Supreme Distracting Sphere)
Quality Level 24 also 200k
Nano Crystal (Lesser Deranged Mindreaver)
Quality Level 34 This is the first *good* mezz pet and also one of the most common ones but still kinda rare 450k-500k
Also, you can blitz Clannifiers and omnifiers in QL 50ish missions they sell for 50 k each they are used for clan apocalypse leather and omni steel-ribbed

Alright you credit beggars stop whining and START ROLLING! And the non cred beggars by this point you should have over 5 mil if you rolled multiples of all these items and sold at my suggested prices and by now you should have enough credts to get you till TL3. Oh, one more thing

ALL FIXER SUMMON LINE NANOS ARE SHOPFOOD just to avoid this problem in the future.

O.k. Assassins and guests enjoy AO and your crapload of credits for your level and NEVER give credits to beggars
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Things to blitz at Low Levels
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