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PostSubject: ULTIMATE FROOB TWINKING GUIDE...   Thu Dec 23, 2010 6:51 pm

ok, so i decided to write a comprehensive guide featuring everything that i do in the process of making a twink at the lowbie range.
hopefully, using this guide as a handbook, more org members can start making twinks for pvp.

i grant to you all, the sum of my knowledge thus far... use it wisely...

our target here will be aimed at 25 and 30 froob character twinking.

to start with, if you leveled the toon in question the "normal" way then you should totally unequip it and do a full reset to make sure there is no IP allocation wasted so as to make what you have stretch as far as possible. if you had the toon in question "power leveled" then skip this step so long as you have not IP'd anything aside from attributes.

now, to begin you will need to IP to max the following stats only:
strength, stamina, agility, intelligence, treatment, and comp literacy.

note: the reason for this is because strength, stamina, and agility are the attributes for which there are the most buffs and which are easiest to make implants based on, and intel is the defining attribute of your comp lit and treatment.

next, if you wish IP the following to about 3/4 of the way:
sense, psychic, body dev, nano pool. (needed mainly for armor usage)

-preliminary work-
what you need to do first is get comp literacy expertise and intel boost (composites work as well), and see what your comp literacy comes to. if you so desire you may throw on implants for comp literacy of the ql you can get on w/o any further buffs (since you currently have only 8 ncu). and now you find and equip the best belt and ncu chips you can to start with so you can get enough buffs until your final ncu is done.

once you have temporary ncu and belt on, you will need to make calculations of what your agility and treatment come to with the following buffs:
superior first aid (doc, +80), treatment expertise (+20), surgery clinic (+100), omni-med suit (+78 for full set), tsakachumi rifle (+20 agil), and feline grace (+25 agil).

now you will need to make appropriate implants for laddering, starting with the highest those calculated skills will allow. typically i make 3 sets of both agility and treatment implants (ex: a set each at ql 90, 100, 110), and making all of these to require agility is key (you cannot make them strength req'd and to make them stamina req'd is simply inneficient).

for stamina twinking, you will almost deffinitely be able to use higher laddering sets than for agility since there is much more buffable stamina (ex: if you use 80, 90, 100 for agility ones, your stamina ones will likely be 90, 100, 110).
again, all stamina laddering implants should be dependent on stamina and boost it.
for buffing you will need: concrete cushion x2 (+8 stam and strength each), essence of behemoth (enfo, +27), iron circle (doc, +20), and stamina boost.

for strength, the concrete cushions along with prodigious strength (enfo, +40 str) will be used to acquire your strength requirements.

once your laddering implants are made, you can throw your twinking gear on and begin.

note: for the agility rifle, ql 40 is the lowest break point for +20 points, to get it on you should only need a "unexpected attack" and "take the shot" buff from an agent.

after having all applicable buffs and gear, you should be able to equip the lowest ql set of each of your laddering sets of implants without a problem.

now, one by one starting with the faded implants of each set you will take the implants out and immediately replace them with the next ql bracket of the same thing.
you may need to alternate between treatment and agility, but when done you should have full sets of your highest laddering implants of both.

note: whatever ql bracket your laddering implants reach, they will almost always allow you to get the next bracket up of final implants depending on that attribute. (ex: reaching 100 laddering imps for agil/treat will mean ql 110 final implants depending on agility)

now you should have treatment implants in head, eye, and right hand. you should also have agility implants in leg, foot, and waist (all requiring agility).

-comp lit/ncu-
now you will need to make some more implants, and one by one starting with head replacing your treatment implants with comp literacy ones (you will be losing treatment as you do this so you will probably need to make the eye and right hand lower than the head).

once this is done, you will need to throw on whatever gear you have that will boost comp literacy to the max which may include salesman's hat, a set of buffing armor such as nova dillon, rings, and the use of a low ql comp literacy tutoring device. now you need to calculate your comp lit score, and buy/roll your final belt and ncus.

note: don't forget to apply and equipment you wish to use that requires more comp lit than anything else during this step such as a treatment library, nano targeting helper, etc.

once you are done and satisfied with your final ncus and belt, remember to ladder your treatment implants back on and put away your CL ones.

-peripheral stuff-
the following will be covered in this section:
-advanced scent sensor
-tim scope/VE scope
-coh collar
-ncu (nucleus) ring
-totw shoulder pads
-rockcrusher gauntlets
-various specific armor items


--advanced scent sensor--

this item applies +22 sense, which is very handy for armor equipping (bot for twinking and final), and trickles a decent amount to most relevant skills.
it needs 166 nano programming, and goes in the hud 2 slot.

note: even if your toon is a fixer which means you will ultimately be using a hacker interface, you should equip this temporarily anyway since it will trickle some things you need until you are ready to cast your grid armor (which will be last, even after weapons are on). also remember that this is a great final item for trickle points assuming you have nothing better to put there, and will help in using buffing armor like nova dillon in your twinking.

relevant buffs: nano prog expertise (+20), advanced symbol manipulation (meta, +92)

after getting the above buffs, you will be able to lookup what ql and which spot of implants for nano prog you will need, so you may be able to skimp. ex: needing only a head implant to make the req, so you can simply swap your treatment head back in after. remember that nano prog implants go in the same spots as treatment and comp lit, and they can just as easily be made to require agility.

--ncu ring (ring of the nucleus basalis)--

this ring is a leveling item which means it will level up when right clicked to the highest ql for which you meet the requirement. the highest it can give is +20 ncu, which as i have seen seems to be reachable at 410 treatment lowest.

getting this on should be easy considering if you are already in your best treatment implants, and have all applicable buffs it should slip right on. this ring is important because even if you are not planning to use it in your final setup, it's beneficial to have for the extra ncu while twinking everything else on.

--tim scope/V scope--

the tim scope's real name is "hud upgrade - enhanced target acquisition", and the VE is "targeting scope - vision enhancer". the VE scope comes in varying qls from 110-275, and reduces your init skills while buffing your aimed shot and crit bonus. the tim scope gives only +1 crit bonus, but also buffs some rifle and +180 to ranged init (it doesn't debuff anything).

the VE requires perception in varying amounts, and the easiest ways to get one on are to either get fixer buffs for it (they can add up to 257), or getting a solitus shadowbreed which is an AOE that lasts only about 5 seconds but gives +2000 perception which is more than enough to equip even the highest ql VE.

to get a tim scope on, you will more than likely need rifle implants, and for the aimed requirement what i usually do is first equip a VE scope with soli shadowbreed and then get unexpected along with rifle implants and then hot-swap the tim scope on.

--final agil based imps--

at this time, the next few steps will be dealing with stamina twinking, so for the last thing based on agility we will now throw on all applicable agility based implants of the highest ql you an get (excluding the right hand, eye, head, and waist).

--coh collar--

now that we have our final agility based imps on, we will be moving around a bit with attribute basis and swapping some implants back and forth.
bio met goes in the head, chest, and waist.
the head and waist can be made to be based on agility, while the chest can only be based on stamina at best.

what i normally do here is get stamina buffs and having made my laddering chest implants shiny: stamina, bright: bio met, faded strength, i get at least the lowest laddering chest in for BM and then swap the waist and then the head for BM implants (staying in agility buffing for the head and waist).

then, you get: mocham's gift: bio met (meta, +140), premium skill wrangler "131" (trader, +131), and bio met expertise.

after all this, your collar should go right on. note that this is also the time to equip things like bracer of recondite flames if you're a MA or advy.


at this point you should make a set of as high or close ql map nav implants to throw on which go in the eye, head, and ear, and can all be made to take agility. once you have your map nav implants in, you should clear up your inventory as much as possible and get any relevant buffs for trickle to map nav and see what the skill comes out to. the important map upgrades here are "people", "monsters", and "arrow" so you can not only see which direction you are heading about a tower field but also see if there are mobs to watch out for around you and to see if another person tries to sneak up on you (via the playfield map). knowing your surroundings is key. while your map nav is boosted, you should also buy every map you can load to have the layouts for as many zones as possible. if you need, it is acceptable to IP map nav about 1/4 of the way to get a few more maps.

once done, do what you need to get your treatment head and eye imps back on and prepare to go into stamina laddering.

--totw shoulders/rockcrushers/various--

the totw shoulders or otherwise known as "meat pads" are actually called "barrow strength" and "withered flesh". withered adds ACs and +100 hp, while debuffing 3 agility. the barrow strength adds 15 to all damages, 1% to DOT, root, and snare resistances, +5 strength, and debuffs 3 stamina. each of these pads takes a significant amount of strength and body dev.

what is recommended is to make your stamina laddering legs and waist implants to have the bright and faded body dev clusters, so that at this step you can get applicable buffs and ladder fully into stamina/body dev. at this time you will also want to use the "touch of the gripper" to buff +29 strength, and get the buff "prodigious strength" (enfo, +40 str) be sure to remember though that prodigious does not stack with iron circle and will overwrite it.

between ess of behemoth, prodigious, boost, and 2x concrete cushions you should be able to reach your requirement for both of the totw pads. this is also the time to get into the rockcrusher gauntlets if you are able (you should need no more than a few pieces of buff armor for that since the barrow strength will be buffing some str) but remember that since you need implants to get the rockcrushers on, you won't be able to use the med suit gloves for the rest of the twinking... hide the med suit gloves away in a bag somewhere to prevent accidentally equiping them again... /doh!

also at this time you can more than likely throw on your left arm implant which is relatively easy to make strength dependent, which in turn means it will likely be your highest implant (other implants can be made to take strength, but are easier to work around and finish twinking when taking stamina).

note: by various, i mean any sort of unique back items or such that require str/stam which you can throw on during this step.

--stamina based imps/finishing up--

at this time you will want to put on highest stamina based final implants you can except the chest, leg, and waist. typically i include the shiny and bright clusters of both stamina and agility in the final setup as it makes it much easier to wind down your twinking (keeps you from losing qls as you wind down), and it also makes equipping armor (next step) much easier and yields better results.

note: if your toon is a fixer, you will want to fit some evade skill clusters in your final setup. if this is what you want to do i would suggest keeping only the shiny clusters of stamina and agility in the finals to give a balance between lesser loss of qls and evasion.

once you have stamina based implants done that aren't boosting stamina, you'll want to get your chest as high as possible and make your final there first including the shiny stamina cluster followed by the same process with the leg (i usually make my final chest shiny: stamina, bright: bio met, faded: sensory imp/strength, and my leg shiny: agility, bright: stamina, faded: body dev to make both require stamina and to not lose stamina points).

once those are done, you will want to swap your waist implant for agility and get agil buffs going again to do the final right hand which can be made to take agility at best (otherwise it takes things like intel or sense which are much harder to buff). in my final right hand i try to include the faded treatment cluster unless there is something more important that needs to go in that spot, so i also don't lose too much treatment at this point.

once the right hand is done, you will take out the waist implant and put in your best ql final waist which can usually be made to take stamina to give a higher ql (i usually make it bright: body dev, faded: bio met/weapon skill).

now that you only have the eye and head implant to go, this is the time to use intel or psychic implants to get any special items on that require it since from here on your eye and head implants will almost positively be lower qls than the rest of your implants (as you will be losing treatment as you swap them out one by one). your final eye and head implants should be based on agility again since it is easier to buff than intel or sense, keep this in mind as you enter this portion (keep your agil buffing stuff handy).

once you have done that, you should ladder your head and eye implants for treatment back on and start by taking out the eye and replacing that with your final.

note: if you are using "nematet's inner eye", you may have better results by swapping the final head first since that eye should be much easier to equip without the treatment boost than your final head.

now, lastly you swap in your final head implant as high of a ql as you can and once done you are totally finished with your implantng! congratulations, the hardest part of your twinking is over!


once you are done and satisfied with your final implants, you should start making calculations for what armor you will be using. what i recommend here is to use your concrete cushions and get ess of behe, feline, and boosts for both of those attributes but not using iron circle as your goal is for your armor to give as good of stat bonuses as possible but not be more than 50% over-equipped (so your ACs aren't totally garbage), and most common armor choices will be based on stamina primarily.

note: if your toon is a fixer and you plan to use grid armor, this step will be less important for AC purposes and you should instead attempt to max out your trickle and face value points to weapon skills in your armor since summoning and equipping your grid armor will be your last task (after your weapons are on).

typical armor choices consist of:

-miy's armor (of whatever type is appropriate, usually ranged, tank, or melee - keep in mind this is lootable only armor, so you may have to either farm it or buy it from someone, but it is deffinitely worth it!).

-storm carbonum (clanalized carb armor, gives nano resist, ncu, and nano init, and is able to be made to appropriate qls).

-rhinoman (takes strength and stam, and is nodrop and needs to be farmed but high qls have really low requirements so it is worth it for the stat boosts on melee proffessions).

-metallic mantis (gives added damage to a couple types, and gives first aid in every piece - very good for an advy, enfo, or even MA).

-apocalypse leather (hacked and clanalized leather, gives inits and evades, is a decent armor but i somewhat hard to get a decent ql on of since i9t takes agil and sense).

-lya's sangi (halloween only drop, and nodrop so if you happened to have farmed it you should consider it as it gives unparalelled stat boosts).

-nova dillon (normally this is used exclusively for twinking, but i have seen situations where IP was very tight and it was needed for a couple more points via trickle).

--odds and ends--

the following things have either no requirements, or easy to meet ones. obtain and use:

-totw robe (exarch) - from totw, only req is lvl 20+

-totw notum rings - there are 3 variations, they all give added damage, ncu, and hp. where they are different is what nano skills they give, they are all unique and nodrop. the variations are: MC/TS, BM/MM, PM/SI.

-shiny band - if you happened to grab this from newbie island, it is worth using since as a froob there is really nothing better to use as a bracer, if you didn't grab it no big deal.

-flurry of blows - if you are a melee proff and using fast attack, you should hunt around shops to find a ql of this suitable for you and equip it (make sure to add it to your shortcut bar, opon use it gives a huge boost to crit chance and attack speed).

-scorpiod scent - this is an underrated item that keeps scorpiods from aggroing you, which is supremely helpful seeing that most tower fields under tl3 are in zones that have them in large numbers. this is obtained from "scientist maud stevens" in borealis, outside town near the fixer shop (west, on peninsula) by taking the quest from her to scan scorpiods, you don't need to keep the scanner or actually do the quest to keep the scent.


at this point, if you haven't already, you should be able to get all applicable buffs including a 131 and equip your target ql weapon(s) of choice, and get ready to go pvp!
keep in mind your target for weapon skills should be whatever is the highest ql weapon you can wield at 100% out of OE, since using a massively OE'd weapon will make for really poor damage, even from specials.

note: if you are a fixer, do this step before summoning and equipping your grid armor.

this has been a lord rayje evilblight production... Razz

EDIT: make sure that once finished, you setup your toon with hp/nano first aid stims (IP first aid last after everything else) if applicable which are typically good for advy, MA, enfo. also be sure that whatever proff your toon is, you set yourself up with free movement stims and virus scanners as they will save your ass in pvp.

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PostSubject: Re: ULTIMATE FROOB TWINKING GUIDE...   Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:09 am

I'm going to move this to the guide section so that everyone can see it. It is a very nice/interesting guide!

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