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 Temple of the Three Winds (ToTW)

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PostSubject: Temple of the Three Winds (ToTW)   Temple of the Three Winds (ToTW) I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 15, 2010 9:36 am

Temple of the Three Winds

Temple of the Three Winds (ToTW) is a beginner dungeon and usually the location
where people first go after they have outgrown the Subway. For Neutrals and
Omnis, it is a remote location in Greater Tir County, but there are several
easy ways to get there.

Getting There

New Land Desert with a portal to Temple of the Three Winds. To use this portal, you need to be
below level 60 and pay 1000 credits to Windcaller Cerrak in front of the portal.
Neutrals and Clan can also use this portal as well. ( it will give you a pass you need to click it to the portal)

As Clan , you need to either Grid or Whom-Pah to Tir. Head north from the city
of Tir, zone into Greater Tir County, then keep heading north until you reach
the Temple.

As Neutral, you can use either of the routes. I would suggest the Rome Green
Omni route, as it is a bit faster.

It is a long trek out to ToTW, far away from any cities. So be sure to stock
up on Ammo, Treatment Labs, Nano Rechargers, etc. Bring a lot of spares, as
folks tend to run out of supplies when they are out there.

Note that an Engineer, even if he/she has enough skill, cannot use Beacon Warp
to warp someone inside ToTW.

Where's the Loot?

Almost all of the items in the Temple of the Three Winds are either Unique or
NoDrop or both. The Unique items are fairly easy to acquire, simply because
everyone can only have one. However, the drop rate of all other loot (i.e. shop
food) is very poor here, so don't expect to make much money in the Temple of
the Three Winds. You can't collect multiple items, and you can't sell the items
that you CAN accumulate.

Choo Choo!

AKA "Why we call it 'Temple of the Train Wrecks'"

Trains are long trails of monster groups that follow fleeing players. Running
into a Train tends to be fatal, because the monsters tend to stop and attack.
Trains become a BIG problem in the Temple of the Three Winds,given the straight
corridors, wide level disparity, and difficult boss monsters. It is not
uncommmon for you to face a train of cultists and perhaps even a boss as you
walk down the front entrance. There's really no way to prepare for this other
than just knowing that you can face a train at any time in this dungeon and
that you are ready to run at any time when it happens. I typically move to the
closest wall, and try to hide behind some object to stay out of Line of Sight.
Even if I am seen, it typically reduces the amount of enemies that I would have
to fight.

The "Monster" Map upgrade (installed with 130 Map Nav) is helpful to see trains
coming before they hit you. At an earlier point, you can use the People Map
upgrade to see other players running. Most of the time, they are just running
to another area, but sometimes they are followed by a train.

Locations for Leveling

Generally, at levels 20 to 30, I stick to killing the Cultists in the initial
lobby area/corridors and the large room with Defender of the Three. At around
level 30, I head down the middle path beyond Defender of the Three and kill
Cultists (slightly higher in level) and the Windcallers and Exarchs in Nematet's

The enemies in Aztur's room (beyond Doorkeeper Gartua in the right path) are
tougher, but give better experience. They respawn slowly, though, and you'll
bump into other teams that want to try to kill Aztur or the Exarchs in that

The most popular location for leveling in ToTW is the spiral ramp down to Lien.
There, one will find an abundance of Deathless Legionnaires, which are called
"Legos" by many players. These give between 3000 to 4000 XP each and are great
for leveling between 30 to 50. Unfortunately, they tend to be heavily camped.

Boss Monsters

Listed in order of difficulty from easiest to hardest:
* Defender of the Three - Drops Notum Splice, 1H Blunt weapons.
* The Curator - Drops Rockcrusher Gauntlets and Touch of the Gripper. Also
heavily camped, because he occasionally drops the rare BM/MM buffing Notum
Ring of Three and its MC/TS counterpart.
* The Reanimator - Drops Withered Flesh, Crumbling Funeral Urn, 1H Blunt weapons
Occasionally drops Lien's Crystalizer, Barrow Strength.
* Gartua the Doorkeeper - Rarely drops Keeper's Vitality.
* Guardian of Time - Drops Guardian Circuit Board, Bracer of Amplified Sound.
Occasionally drops Guardian Tank Armor, which is why he is heavily camped.
* Windcaller Yatila - Drops Barrow Strength, Crumbling Funeral Urn, Lien's
* Lien - Drops Dark Memories, Crumbling Funeral Urn, 1H Blunt weapons, dark memory.
Occasionally drops Memory Loop and the Ring of Memory Loss.
* Nematet, Custodian of Time - Drops Temporal Chalice, Touch of the Gripper.
Rarely drops Nematet's Eye.
* Uklesh - Rarely drops Frozen Tear of Uklesh. Spawns Khalum after dying.
* Khalum - Occasionally drops Fist of Orion. Spawns Aztur after dying.
* Aztur - Drops the Stygian Desolator (100%). Occasionally drops Holy Book of
the Immortal.

Things that you should do

* Cultist Robes - the Temple of the Three Winds has a good variety of Back
slot items. Shoot for an Exarch Robe, at the very least, which are dropped
from... well, Exarchs. Also, accumulate multiple Exarch Robes if you can and
stash them, as they will become important later on to enter the Inner Sanctum
* Cultist Rings - There are a variety of powerful rings that are dropped by the
Cultists here. You'll start out with the Bronze Ring of Three (dropped by the
Faithful) and work your way up to Silver, Gold, and Platinum (dropped by
Acolytes, Reverends, and Windcallers, respectively). The most powerful are
the Notum Ring of Three, a unique item dropped by bosses and Exarchs. Be sure
to get at least one Notum Ring of Three and one Platinum Ring of Three. Note
that while all the rings are Unique, you can pick up a second Notum Ring of
Three from The Curator, because his ring occasionally has different nanoskill
bonuses (and thus is considered a different ring).
* If you are a 1-handed Edged Weapon user, pick up a couple of Phase Blades.
They do decent damage until you can find something better, and drop like crazy
in this place from the Exarchs and Windcallers. You can also, if you are
really lucky, can pick up a Frozen Tear of Uklesh from the boss monster of the
same name, but he is quite a chore to kill without a good team.
* 2-handed Edged Weapon users hit the jackpot here, with good items that drop
from the monsters here. One is the Frost Scythe of the Legionnaire, which is a
very common drop from the Legionnaires. The other is a drop from Aztur (the
toughest boss monster in the Temple of the Three Winds), called the Stygian
Desolator, and is probably the best 2-handed Edged weapon until you can
upgrade to a Panther. Energy Scythes are also a common drop, but they aren't
nearly as good as those two weapons.
* 1-handed Blunt Weapon users will find Howling Skulls and its bigger brothers,
the Skull of Lamentation and the Skull of Woe here.

Optional things to do

* The "Meatpads" - There are special shoulderpads that drop from a couple of the
minibosses in this area, Barrow Strength and Tainted Flesh. While they have
minor penalties against certain abilities, their advantages far outweigh their
penalties. Barrow Strength provides a significant boost to damage, while
Withered Flesh adds to health and ACs.
* Touch of the Gripper - This Right Arm implant adds several nice bonuses,
including a prodigious bonus to damage. If you aren't using your Right Arm
implant slot for anything useful, then this implant is made for you.
* Rockcrusher Gauntlets - Drops from the Curator. Adds damage as well as good
* Shadowfade Armor - This Agent-only armor drops from the various Windcallers
and Reverends in ToTW. It is NoDrop and provides great ACs for its reqs.

Checklist for ToTW

* Barrow Strength - From Windcaller Yatila
* Exarch Robe - From various Exarchs
* Guardian Circuit Board - From Guardian of Time
* Notum Ring of Three (common) - From various Exarchs
* Platinum Ring of Three - From various Windcallers
* Rockcrusher Gauntlets - From the Curator
* Touch of the Gripper - From the Curator
* Withered Flesh - From the Re-Animator
*dark memory (common) or memory loop (rare) -From Lien
* (optional) Notum Splice - From Defender of the Three
* (optional) Dark Memories - From Lien
* (optional) Notum Ring of Three (rare) - From the Curator

How do I get out of here??

Unfortunately, ToTW is way out in the middle of nowhere. Clans have an advantage
in that they have an outpost and major city (Tir) nearby, but other factions
will have to either run to a player city (there are several to the east and
west, quite a long trek), or die (and teleport back to the reclaim terminal).
If you are Omni or Neutral, get used to getting a "ding" (gaining a level) then
dying to go back to Rome/Borealis.
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Temple of the Three Winds (ToTW)
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