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 Missions “mish”

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PostSubject: Missions “mish”   Missions “mish” I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 21, 2010 9:59 pm

Missions “mish”

Missions can be thought of as random "instanced" dungeons. Mission terminals
give you a task, after which you head to a location set by the mission,
complete the task at that location, and receive a reward in experience, loot,
and credits.

Missions can be undertaken as a solo player or as a team. Team missions have
multiple levels (separated by elevators) and also contain a boss monster who
has a chance of dropping special boss-only loot in addition to regular loot.
These boss monsters guard the end objective of the team mission.

Learning How to "Roll" Missions

"Rolling" a mission is as simple as right-clicking on one of the Mission
terminals scattered across most of the major cities and towns of Rubi-Ka. You
will get a display of 5 missions (sometimes less) that randomly selects both
the location of the mission and the reward for completing the mission, as well
as the type of mission.

There are various sliders that appear below the Request Mission button:

* Easy-Hard: This slider determines the difficulty of the mission, in terms of
the level of enemies in the mission. It is relative to your level. At the
lowest setting, all of the enemies will be "grey" and not give you XP. At
the highest setting, all of the enemies will be "red" and be difficult to
kill. This slider also determines the QL of the mission reward.

* Good-Bad: Supposedly, this slider determines the "altruism" of the mission
and the level of violence you can expect to complete the mission. Actually,
all that it does is change what kind of missions are rolled. If you are
having problems finding the kind of mission you want (you want a Find Person
mission instead of a Repair or Find Item), fiddle with this setting.

* Order-Chaos: Sets whether or not you will be facing monsters or humans. Order
missions tend to have all humans, while Chaos tends to have all monsters.
Chaos missions also tend to have multiple "factions" of monsters, so you may
run into mismatched groups (a robot and a Manteze in the same room).

* Open-Hidden: Sets the number of locked chests and doors, as well as hidden
areas in the mission. If you have a low B+E, you might want to set it more
to Open. If you have a lot of B+E and want more XP, set it to Hidden.

* Phys-Myst: Sets the type of enemies in the mission. Phys missions have more
melee and damage-dealing enemies, while Myst have more nano-casting enemies.

* HeadOn-Stealth: Sets the number of cameras, turrets, and hidden traps in the
mission. Moving the slider to Stealth increases these obstacles.

* Money-XP: Sets the Credit reward and XP reward for the mission. Since the
XP reward typically equals the value of one or two mobs in the mission, even
on the highest XP setting, most folks set this slider to Money for credits.

Note that none of these settings have any influence on the type of reward that
you will receive. You will get more "chances" for the reward that you want
with Find Item and Return Item missions, due to the fact that the item you are
looking for will count as a 2nd rolled item, but the reward is random. In other
words, there are no "best" settings to roll a particular item.

My personal favorite settings, for most situations, is all Bad, all Order, and
all Money. This gives me 3 Find Item, 1 Return Item, and 1 Repair mission.
All of these mission conditions are easy to control, relatively easy to blitz,
and this slider setting yields 9 potential items total (since both the mission
reward and the Find/Return item in question count as a rolled item).

Most people, when rolling missions, either are trying to complete the mission
for a token, or trying to "blitz" the mission to get the reward. When rolling
multiple missions, it is best to try to get all of the missions in the same
location, so it is easier to travel to each one.

The easiest missions to get tokens are ones with mission parameters that are
easy to control, such as Find Item, Return Item, and Repair. The easiest
missions for blitzing are ones with easy objectives like Find Item, Find
Person, and Repair. Find Person is especially easy for Blitzing, as you can
simply run around the mission like a madman, tapping on the TAB button until
you target the person you need to find.

Fixers tend to be excellent at "blitzing" missions because they have runspeed
buffs, "meeps" (teleport directly to the Grid), the Fixer Grid, area root and
snare nanos, and Heal over Time nanos.

Traders, Crats, and Nanotechs are also great at blitzing missions because they
have several "calm" nanos that allow them to simply calm any opposition and
walk up to the target scot-free. Adventurers also have a calm, but it is less
useful for this purpose.

Finally, Agents (and Adventurers, with the Pronouncement of Greatness nano)
can blitz missions by Stealthing through it, using Concealment to sneak past
the monsters. Technically, any character with Concealment can do this, but
Agents are the only class that almost always has this skill raised.
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Missions “mish”
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