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 Installing new Maps

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Installing new Maps Empty
PostSubject: Installing new Maps   Installing new Maps I_icon_minitimeSat May 22, 2010 12:46 pm

A very unique thing about anarchy online is the 3rd party programs you are allowed to use. A big one many use are maps. I will explain where to download and how to install.

The downloads

SpheremapV1.0 - This is one of my personal favorite Shadowland maps. Reason is because to me, it's a lot easier to maneuver around on it as you can see all the special spots without being zoomed in to much.

Atlas of Rubi-ka/Shadowlands - Here you can download AoRK and AoSL. AoRK is the Rubi-ka map, or the mainlands. AoSL is the Shadowlands map. I do not use AoSL very often because of the way you have to zoom all the way in before you can track down special locations making it hard to look around for what you need. But your choice. AoS alsoL contains AoLX which is a LoX playfield map. And there are some other significant differences between AoSL and Spheremap.

I personally use all three of these maps. Spheremap to navigate quickly in SL, while using AoSL to get more detailed information and locations. And AoRK is the overall best Rubi-ka map in game.

These two sites lead to a few other map downloads. But I have not used any other maps besides CSPmapV1.23, AoRK, AoSL, AoLX, and SpheremapV1.0. I would not recommend downloading any of these as I sort of doubt they are updated, but it's your choice if you want to test a few other maps out.

Note: CSPmapV1.23 is basically an older verion of AoRK. They said that AoRK is based off this map, but since CSPmapV1.23 is no longer updated, AoRK is the best Rubi-ka map out.

You can give each of these maps a try, but before we try... how do we even use them or install them?


How to Install your new maps

To install these maps you will first need to locate where they downloaded to. Usually they will download to places like your desktop, My documents, or in your Downloads folder. Mine always goes to my Downloads folder.

After you have located the files, you must then extract them. So simply right click the folder and select "Extract to..." or "Extract here". This will create and unzipped version of the same folder so that it may be used.

Next we have to open up the Anarchy online folders. This may be different for some people but it will give the general idea of it's location.

"C:\Program Files\Funcom\Anarchy Online\cd_image\textures\PlanetMap"

Now that we managed to get that opened, all we have to do is Drag-And-Drop the unzipped folder from where you downloaded it to, to the Anarchy Online "PlanetMap" folder. Remember to look inside the folder to make sure there is not another folder inside it. If there is drag the folder inside it over to the PlanetMap directory, not the folder containing the folder.

Ok, now your maps are installs, so how can I freely access them?

In-game map setup

Setting up your map in-game is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is login, get in game, open up your planetmap (ether by clicking the "PlanetMap" button, or pressing "P") and at the top left corner of that screen you should see an "i"

Just click this "i" and click "Select Map". From here you just select the map you want to use. Usually the maps will not let you choose SL only maps in Rubi-ka, and vice versa. If it does then just don't use a SL map on rubi-ka, it probably won't work.

Now that you have your maps up and running in-game, take a look at the differences. Try zooming in and out and see what type of information it can give. Have fun with your new maps!

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Installing new Maps
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